You Are Enough!

So much of the self-help industry is about becoming “better” in some way. 

Ironically, striving to be better can sometimes make us feel worse, like we are falling short in some way. 

I love helping my clients become their best selves – but never at the expense of beating themselves up.

If you don’t love and approve of yourself exactly how you are, right at this moment, it can be hard to improve or change – at least in a way that is fun and long lasting.   


Because if we are not accepting and loving ourselves, we likely have an “inner mind critic” who is making us feel awful.   

When we feel awful about ourselves, it is hard to feel motivated and excited about changing or improving anything. 

This Valentine’s Day, is there some place in your life where you could be kinder to yourself? For example, if we are carrying some extra weight, can we learn to love, appreciate and honor our amazing body anyway?

Or if we unintentionally yell at our kids, can we try to love and honor what we are doing right with them? Can we show compassion towards ourselves?   

In that space of love and acceptance for ourselves, we create motivation for true and permanent changes.

You are enough in every way – even if you want to improve something!  

Happy Valentine’s Day!  


Kathy McCabe
Life Coach

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