Who’s on YOUR Team?

I was recently at a Cirque Du Soleil Show and this image made me think, “WOW, these high flying performers have an amazing team…

They must completely trust their teammates, no matter what, so that the performers can “fly” without risking life or limb. Like each of us, we need a great team we can trust and who provides support, if we want to “fly” in our own lives.

Are Drama Makers or
Poisonous Playmates on Your Team?

Do you have a team that you can blindly trust and who supports you? Or, perhaps you may have one or two team members who are “Drama Makers,” or “Poisonous Playmates,” as Julia Cameron calls them.  Drama Makers create storms around their lives and others.  PoisonousPlaymates are “friends” who do not truly wish for you to succeed, or they love to critique and complain. These folks are people who, because they are struggling with their own issues, are not able to give support. Either type of their chaos can affect you, and might make you feel twisted and knotted up like this guy:

Often, we have such people  in our own family and sometimes, “well meaning” friends. Usually they are not evil people, just people who have their own hurt and “stuff” going on.  When I have had such people in my life, I am unable to move forward in any way. I am stuck in drama, or left feeling “not good enough” or with my energy drained.

Do You Have a Team that You Trust and Supports You?
Who is on your team at work, home and socially?  At work, do you have a team who supports you, or a mentor you trust?  Some clients say, how can I get rid of a Drama Maker in my own family, or who is a boss or client?  Consider how you can you put healthy boundaries around them and how can you best take care of yourself. Self care is a gift to you and the world.  Boundaries and compassion help them as well as you.  If your Poisonous Playmates  are masked as “friends,” how can you develop new friends or a support system who will cheer you on, and help you fly in your own life?

Great teams are created, they just don’t happen.  People succeed when they have a great team. Just ask the Chicago Cubs, who, after a 100-year-plus losing streak, won the World Series.