What’s Better Than A Cup Of Coffee?

Do you ever notice how you FEEL when you get something you really, really want?

Most of us really want the “feeling” of having that “thing” we want.

Quite often, we are seeking feelings of peace, excitement, love, security or joy by obtaining the “thing” we want.

For example, we may want the feeling of relaxation by going on vacation. Or we may want the feelings of contentment and energy by losing unwanted weight.

But here’s what is CRAZY…

When we create the feeling NOW of having the “thing” we want, we are much more likely to get it!

AND we get the added bonus of feeling great NOW.

So HOW do you create that feeling you want now?

I created this short meditation, based on the work of Dr. Martha Beck, for some of my clients to help them find that feeling NOW!

As one client said, this meditation if “Better than a cup of coffee!”  

Try this “Create Your Future Now” meditation (4:07).

Enjoy – and please let me know how you FEEL after doing it!


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Kathy McCabe
Life Coach