What Would Your Best🌟 Self Do?

Do you ever struggle with a decision about what to do in a certain situation? Your mind might be murky and flooded with thoughts like:   

  • “You should do this – no, you should do that.” 
  • “These are the pros, and these are the cons.”
  • “I don’t know what the right decision is!” 

You want to make the “right” decision, but because the situation is not “black-and-white,” you aren’t sure what to do?

Try asking what your best – or higher – self would do!

Like many of us at times, I can feel confused, petty, whiny or fearful about something when making a decision that has no single right answer.   

However, if I take time to ask: What would “the best version of me,” or “my higher self” do in this situation, I often am able to quickly decide.  

To figure out what your “best self” would do, it can help to connect to God, Buddha or the Universe or Yoda 😊– whether that is through prayer, meditation or journaling. This can often help us make a decision that aligns with our true values. 

Stop being confused. Your “best self” knows the answer!

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Kathy McCabe
Master Certified Life & Business Coach

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