what to ask ✅ when you are in doubt

Have you ever had an important decision that you have wrestled with but you are not sure what is the “right” path for you?

I have!

I was recently in Sedona on a retreat about intuition and the power it has in our lives.

Sometimes our mind says, “yes, this makes sense,” but our heart is like, “it’s just ok.”

When our decisions are aligned with our hearts, minds and spirits, we are so much more peaceful.

So if you’re in doubt about something and you want to be aligned with your heart, mind and spirit,

Try these questions (from Carissa Schumacher):

  1. Ask your heart ❤️ : is there chemistry?
  2. Ask your mind 🧠 : is it safe and/or practical?
  3. Ask your spirit ✨: will this help me evolve?

I’d love to hear if these questions help you!

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