What I Have In Common With J-Lo…


Except…we are both cited in this article for the mantras we use:


One of my mantras,”I want to feel focused and calm…” is a bit different 😀 than J-Lo’s, “I am timeless and youthful!.”

Mantras or affirmations are repeated positive statements.  I like to call them “power thoughts.”

Power thoughts work…as long as you believe them.

What Are You Telling Yourself Every Day?

Quite often we are unknowingly repeating statements in our heads that do not serve us. Statements like:

  • “I should or should not have done that”
  • “I can’t do…”
  • “It will never work..”

If you have thoughts like these running through your brain, take a moment to see if those thoughts are helping you. So often these statements are untrue, especially when we take the time to truly question them.

Repeated thoughts in our brain create our reality.

Set Your Day With An Intention, and Support It With A Thought: 

I love to support my intention for the day or an event I may be going to with a power thought. (To help you do this each day, get my free “Create A Great Tool: kathymccabelifecoach.com)

The most important rules I have when I decide what thought I will use are:

  • I have to believe it;
  • I have to remind my brain of the thought throughout the day.

For example, my kids have, on occasion, argued or yelled when I asked them to do chores, I have, on occasion,😉, responded with arguing or raising my voice.

If I set my intention  to not yell, get angry or react to them in the moment, my power thought is “I am calm and centered.” Or, it might be “I am in charge, not my kids, of my emotions.”

If I am aware of my intention and thought, I am much more likely to respond calmly or however I intended in the moment.

What you tell yourself is so important…Look at J-Lo…it looks like her mantra is working for her!

I’d love to hear what mantras, affirmations or thoughts that are working for you!


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Kathy McCabe
Life Coach

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