THE WINNERS for Local Inspiring Women…and 1 Man!

Before my recent retreat, I held a campaign to VOTE for a woman who inspires you because she helps other women and girls or does work to make our world better.

I couldn’t pick just one woman…So here are the nominations: 

  • Deb Guy of the Women’s Exchange: Deb is the inspiring Executive Director of the Women’s Exchange in Winnetka. The Women’s Exchange offers numerous programs for women to learn, gather, share and grow.
  • Beth Drucker of Go Green Wilmette: Beth is a passionate advocate and founder of Go Green Wilmette whose mission is to raise environmental awareness in the Wilmette community and to inspire residents to take action to make a difference.
  • Anonymous Awesome Mom who Volunteers, Raises a Family and Holds it All Together: This mom, like many of you, does a lot for her community and family, despite personal challenges. She was a guest at my retreat but requested to remain anonymous. Kudos to her for truly taking time for self-care and to create her goals for 2018!

And a couple more I got after the retreat:

  • Clara Tomaz of MakeYourOwnMovie, “has one of the kindest hearts in our community.”  She educates all of us about living and teaching with a disability and has done a fabulous documentary about it. She inspires us all, and does INCREDIBLE work!!
  • Ellen Sternweiler is a mom of 3 special needs kids and she has an online store for kids with special needs.  She is a strong advocate for the disabled, has been elected to the local school board and is a National Commissioner for the Anti-Defamation League. She lives passionately… you go Ellen!

And we know there is more than one inspiring man, but since I received this nomination…I couldn’t agree more:

  • Bill Bucklew is inspiring us all to teach us what it means to live with Parkinson’s Disease. He does so with grace, grit, energy, and courage. Bill is currently walking 2 marathons a DAY across the United States to raise money for Parkinson’s