Stress-Free Tips For Your Holiday Enjoyment

Here are a few tips about creating stress-free holidays I shared last night at the “Mom’s Night Out” event I hosted:

  1. Decide On An Intention For The Holidays. If you tend to get stressed or overwhelmed with all of the “to-dos” during the holidays, remember that it is your thoughts that create this feeling. If you are constantly thinking, “I have too much to do during the holidays,” you will feel overwhelmed. One way to fix this is to DECIDE on an intention. If you decide you will have a “stress-free holiday,” then you likely will feel less overwhelmed. Once you decide what your intention is, REMIND yourself of it on a daily basis. Your attention needs to follow your intention. When you are asked to do something or contemplating whether to do something, ask: “Does this align with my intention?”
  2. Prepare Yourself For Drama From Any Drama-Makers In Your Life! If you have people in your life who tend to create drama, anticipate that they will continue to create drama, expect it – and then prepare yourself! For example, extended family dinners can be full of drama. Let’s remind ourselves that we can’t control others, and people will continue to act the way they act. But we always have a choice about how we will respond. If you mentally prepare and protect yourself for such drama, it will be much harder to get upset or feel challenged by it. If your mother-in-law inappropriately always asks you when you are going to “lose that weight,” be ready with an answer – and an exit strategy – which could be the bathroom, if need be!
  3. Ask Yourself: “What Are Some Experiences I Would Love To Have During This Holiday Season?” Take time to think about what you love about the holidays, and what you really want to do. Do you like looking at holiday lights in the city, having a special holiday lunch or hosting a cookie exchange? Write down your ideas. Now, put these experiences on your calendar. Likewise, if you really want a certain gift, TELL your loved ones, or buy it for yourself! Don’t let yourself be disappointed.

Next week I will share a few more tips… Here’s to YOUR Stress-Free Holidays!

I’d love to hear if these tips help YOU!


Kathy McCabe
Life Coach