"Kathy is a wonderful
and engaging speaker."

Kathy gave the female attorneys practical tips and strategies for self-care and self-advocacy in the workplace. I highly recommend her!”

–Kirstin Erikson, J.D., member of Women’s Bar Association of Illinois

Kathy is committed to helping women become true leaders in every AREA of their lives without sacrificing their joy and well-being.

Here are favorite topics Kathy has presented that can be customized for your organization.

Presentation Topics:

“How to Be a Happier Lawyer and Have a Successful Practice”

“How to Use Intention to Reach Your Goals Fast”

“Tapping into Your Super Power of Intuition” 

“5 Daily Decisions to Boost Your Joy”

“The Power of Self-Care and Self-Advocacy”

“The 5 Secrets to Happy and Healthy Longevity”

“The Secrets of Dealing with Difficult People”

“How to Be More Confident for that Next Big Event” 

Kathy has been a featured speaker numerous times, both live and online, including for these organizations:


Mindset Makeover Women’s Group

A 4-week workshop to become a woman who lives with more ease, joy, fun, and a positive mindset to help you achieve ANY goal you want!