There’s nothing like getting away from your day-to-day life to tap into what you really want and create a plan that feels exciting and fun.

I love to create luxurious retreats in gorgeous, peaceful settings with fabulous women.  On my retreats, you’ll experience beautiful accommodations, mouth-watering food, and fun movement alongside powerful group coaching that helps you rejuvenate, tap into your intuition, clarify what you really want and guide your next steps.

When awesome women gather, magic happens.

My lifelong study on happy longevity, powerful mindsets, wellness and nutrition has led me to learn and teach in some of the happiest places on earth, from Denmark to the “Blue Zones” of Costa Rica and in Mexico, where I led a powerful New Year’s retreat with
amazing women.

I have also led multiple day-long in-person and online retreats.

Upcoming Retreats

I’m excited to announce two upcoming retreats!

Ultimate Exhale Retreat

Guanacaste Costa Rica 11/4/2022 to 11/9/2022

Women’s Wellness New Year’s Retreat

Baja Sur Mexico 2023

Retreat Testimonials

Whether I am hosting an international weeklong retreat, an all-day or online event, I consistently get 5-star reviews. 


Mindset Makeover Women’s Group

A 4-week workshop to become a woman who lives with more ease, joy, fun, and a positive mindset to help you achieve ANY goal you want!