Don’t Forget To Play!

As summer winds down, how much have you played?

As we get older, some of us tend to minimize the importance of play.

We have responsibilities, tasks and “other things to do.”

Why Play Is So Important

We know about the importance of play for kids. For instance, play-based pre-schools help children develop their social skills and their imaginations. We also know that play promotes concentration, confidence and emotional well-being.

For adults, “play” energizes us. It increases our joy, and it is often a pathway to finding more joy – maybe even a new career!

Practicing “play” can generate creative ideas for your life, lessen your stress, and sometimes help solve problems.

Some experts believe that adults who play live longer and have better relationships.

You don’t have to be an expert to know that people who play more tend to be happier!

How Did You Like To Play As A Kid? 

Take a moment to think about the things you LOVED to do as a child. Maybe you enjoyed riding your bike, hanging out with friends, playing sports, reading comic books, creating artwork or climbing trees….

This weekend, carve out time to do one of the activities you LOVED as a kid.

Maybe you won’t climb a tree – but you could take a beautiful hike!

Have a Playful Weekend!

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Kathy McCabe
Life Coach

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