our thoughts lie to us

Our thoughts lie to us—frequently!  

Not long ago, I was at a hockey tournament in Minnesota and I was in the car for easily 10 hours a day. 

I kept thinking—“there’s no time to exercise,” which is something I like to do daily for my mental wellness 😃

But then I asked myself, “is it true?”


I then found time to at least walk the parking lots between games and do a few planks in my hotel room.  

What’s the truth and what’s the story?

I sometimes love to stay in my “story,” as then I don’t have to do anything but complain! 😀

Taking time to question our thinking is just one small way to start changing our mindset.   

When we change our mindset, we change our life.  

In my Mindset Makeover Women’s Group I teach you specific and simple tools to help you create a mindset that helps you with everything in your life.

Join us!  I offer a full money back guarantee if you don’t have amazing results in 4 weeks. 

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