My Secret To Enjoying Every Holiday!

Do the holidays ever leave you feeling depleted or annoyed?

Many of us will celebrate Passover or Easter this weekend. And we will gather with family and friends.

Sometimes holiday celebrations can be fun. Other times, they leave us feeling upset or exhausted if we are hosting, or if we have challenging family members.  

I find that coming up with a few mantras before such gatherings is enormously helpful. 

 Here are my favorites:

  • “Everyone is doing the best they can.” I believe most people are doing the best they can in the moment, even if they are unkind or mean. It is one of my favorite mantras. I remind myself of this when I am around challenging people. 
  • “It is OK to ask for help.” I typically host family gatherings. I remind myself that it is perfectly OK to ask for as much help as I need – including help cleaning up!
  • “I will make myself happy.” This is a reminder to establish boundaries where I need them, and to make sure that any holiday celebration I attend will include time for myself so that I do not feel depleted.

I’d love to hear if these mantras help you!   

Enjoy your holiday!

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Kathy McCabe
Life Coach