Look What Happens When You Leave Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever been reluctant to do something outside of your “comfort zone,” but then you decided to do it anyway, and you were really glad you did it?

That’s what happened to Lorie.

Lorie really wanted to attend my “Ultimate Wellness Retreat” in Costa Rica last week, but she had so many reasons she felt she couldn’t go: A busy consulting business, a child with special needs, another young child, no passport and other constraints. 

However, a week before the trip, she decided to say “Yes” to herself – and go!

She got her passport the day before she was to leave for Costa Rica. She had never been outside of the U.S. before.  

Lorie stretched herself completely out of her comfort zone, and she is so very glad she did. 

Not only does Lorie say that she had the “most amazing” time on this retreat, she feels completely “transformed” from the coaching.

Lorie had been struggling with a certain personal issue for “many, many years” and had tried other things to help, without success. 

On the retreat, I worked with Lorie on this issue, and she experienced a huge breakthrough. 

Lorie says that now she has “peace, freedom and lightness” about the issue, as if she had never struggled before. 

It shows on her face. Here we are together at the Costa Rican airport on our way home from the retreat.

Lorie had this huge breakthrough because she left her comfort zone, stayed open to the coaching we did, and said “yes” to herself.  

Is there anything in your life outside of your “comfort zone” that you would like to do, but you are telling yourself “I can’t”?   

If so, I invite you to think of Lorie and the potential breakthroughs you might have.

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