How To Quickly Reach A Goal

Did you ever have something in your life you really wanted to change, but you kept repeating behaviors that didn’t help you reach that goal?  I can think of a few things! 

For example, I’ve had a goal, and still have a goal, of being a “good mom.” 

The definition of being a “good mom” differs, depending on who you ask. And the definition differs for me each day. 

A couple years ago, I realized I was not reaching my goal at being a “good mom” as I found myself frequently yelling at my kids. 

Just like the movie “Groundhog Day,” I was repeating the same unpleasant “day” with my kids, over and over again. When my kids didn’t do what I asked immediately, I yelled at them. Then I felt stressed and angry not only about their behavior, but my own as well.

That’s when I realized I wasn’t applying a powerful coaching tool that had helped me reach other goals in my life.

Intention. Intention is a “determination to act in a certain way.” 

I wasn’t reaching my goal, my definition of a “good mom,” so I created this intention: “I am calm and centered – no matter what.”

I learned to practice “being calm and centered.” I reminded myself of this intention before my kids came home – and especially before homework!
Today, I can say that using this intention – and really practicing it – has helped me parent in a calmer and more centered way. 

Yes, I still yell at my kids sometimes, but it happens less often than it used to because of the intention I created.

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Kathy McCabe
Life Coach