how to get out of a funk

Yesterday I was tired, stressed and overwhelmed by a new work project.

Instead of breaking down my project into small steps or taking a real break, I just ate ice cream and then had Rice Krispy treats for dinner.

And I call myself a healthy vegan. πŸ˜‚

I don’t believe in special diets or in ever depriving myself but I was just mindlessly eating so I could stuff my feelings.

I hoped that my anxiety would go away. Of course, it didn’t.

So to get out of this funk, here’s what helped me:

βœ… I took a real break and read some inspiring stories–like about the brave Iranian women who are protesting for basic freedom—something we often take for granted.

βœ… I also got some good sleep.

βœ… I didn’t beat myself up today—something I have done a lot in my life—which has never been helpful.

βœ… I told myself it is OK that I did this, I didn’t say “screw it,” and just continue to eat bad food—which is something I used to do.

βœ… I forgave myself.

βœ… I allowed myself to feel scared, and to work on my project anyway.

βœ… And, I committed to lots of water and veggies!

I’d love to hear what you do to get yourself out of a funk!

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