how to be more authentic

Do you ever feel like you are wearing a mask sometimes in your life?  

I certainly have!   

I recently had a “soul sister” chat on Instagram with my friend, Deb. 

We talked about how we both sometimes wear the masks of people pleasing or of being “so busy,” 

These masks cover up our authentic selves.  

I am a mostly😊 former people pleaser. 

But for most of my life, I tried to make others happy despite the expense to myself.   And usually, no matter what I did, I didn’t get their approval anyway! 

When we cover up who we truly are, we often get filled with anger and resentment because we are not listening to ourselves.   I know I often was resentful.    

When we take actions that align with who we are and what we value, we are so much happier and we are able to share our light with the world. 

The world certainly needs all of our light to be shared.  

Deb and I talk about ways to get out of the “people pleasing” and “so busy” masks.

Check out our chat HERE

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