Happy life lessons from hardship

This summer, I let the weeds grow in my backyard — and I love how they look. So perfect for the lazy gardener that I am! Pulling out, or hiding, imperfections in my life can be exhausting. And like these wild plants, they manage to pop up anyway.

Defects, mistakes and hardships can teach us how to create beauty, purpose and meaning in our lives.

Here are a few lessons I have learned from my “weeds.”

👉 Getting diagnosed with cancer and fully recovering has taught me how important it is to enjoy your life, focus on what you love — and surround yourself with people who energize you.
👉 Imperfect parenting has taught me to appreciate my kids’ individuality and unique gifts — instead of projecting my own hopes and dreams on them.

👉 Leaving a successful career without having a clear path ahead has taught me to trust my instincts and follow my joy.

Tell me what you have learned from the weeds in your life!

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