For Happy Holidays…Put Your Attention on Your Intention

How Did You Feel Growing Up During the Holidays?

Do you ever remember a time when your parents were “stressed out,” or overwhelmed during the holidays or for some other event?

If you do, I bet you can remember how you felt…maybe scared, worried, or just “‘yuk.”

How we feel creates our energy and that energy is picked up by our families and others.

So many of us are running around trying to “create” nice holidays for our families, but in the process we may end up feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or angry.

Create an Intention

If you are feeling resentful or overwhelmed with all the “to dos,” I invite you to take a moment to set an intention for how you would like to feel in the next few weeks. Creating an intention is a gift to YOURSELF.

 Intention is a powerful tool.  My recent coaching group of women had some awesome intentions for the holidays:

  • Present;
  • Grateful;
  • Peaceful;
  • Wonder, or viewing the holidays through the eyes of a 5 year old

Put Your Attention on Your Intention:

Once you make an intention, focus your attention on it!

 If you want to experience being present during a family gathering, turn off your phone, tv and mental ‘to do,’ list.

 If you want to experience peace during an extended family meal, perhaps you limit the time you spend at the in-laws, or if a heated topic, such as politics arises, you are ready with a polite request to “discuss another day.”

My intention of easy and joyful holidays gave me the idea of having my kids stuff my holiday cards into envelopes, telling family members that Christmas dinner is “potluck,” using prepared dough for a holiday cookie exchange and saying yes to lunch with friends despite having lots to do.

 Set A Reminder for Your Intention!

Write down your intention, as well as repeat it to yourself. Sticky notes posted in areas that you see or setting a reminder on your phone can help.

By giving yourself reminders of your intention throughout your day, you will come up with ideas of how to create it!

With all my intention, I wish you peaceful & joyful holidays!!

Kathy McCabe
Life Coach

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