Feeling Stuck? Watch Out For Patterns!

“The way you do one thing, is the way you do EVERYTHING….”

This is a common saying in the coaching world. It means that the way we handle small things can show up in the way we handle big ones.  

If you feel “stuck” in any area of your life, here is a great question to ask yourself: “Is this the way I do everything?” Notice whether you have any patterns you could break.   

For example, my client “Grace” excitedly signed up for one of my groups that was geared towards helping her launch a business. Grace really enjoyed the first meeting, the content, and the other members. 

However, after one week Grace wanted to drop out. I told her I supported her, no matter what her decision, but I asked if this was a pattern for her? Was this the way she did everything? Did she start things and not finish them?  

Upon reflection, Grace realized she had a dozen other projects and commitments she had started but not finished. 

She quickly saw a pattern: signing up for something that would help her, then dropping out. She was doing this in several areas. This pattern was keeping her stuck and not serving her. This revelation helped her move forward with her commitment to the group and her dream for her business.

There is nothing wrong with having patterns, but patterns can keep us stuck when they don’t help us. So once you have identified a pattern, ask yourself:

  • Does it help me reach my goals?
  • Does it improve my relationships?
  • Does it better my health?

If your patterns don’t serve you, consider changing one!! Check out my other blogs about becoming unstuck:




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Kathy McCabe
Life Coach