Drop these words  in 2022

I recently started playing paddle tennis and noticed that the most common word I heard from other women was “I’m sorry.”

When I have played paddle tennis with guys, I have never heard them say “I’m sorry “ for any kind of shot they hit. 🤔🤔

I saw the same trend with women compared to men when I worked as a lawyer—we tended to apologize more often—-so we weren’t seen as too bossy or aggressive. 👎

When my paddle captain asked me what I wanted printed on my hat, I said, “no sorries.” ☑️☑️☑️

We should all take responsibility & apologize when we have hurt someone—but there is no need to constantly apologize as a habit.

Our language matters.  If we are constantly apologizing, we won’t feel confident and we likely won’t be seen as confident.  

Don’t be sorry for who you are or what you do…(even if it’s just playing paddle tennis badly 😂 like myself. )

Remove “I’m sorry” from your vocabulary when you have done nothing wrong.

Live an unapologetic & bold life💗!

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