Don’t Forget To Put YOU On Your Holiday Gift List

Are you doing or buying for everyone else except for YOU? 

As year-end approaches, it is easy to feel depleted and put ourselves last on the list.

There is an inverse relationship between resentment and self-care.

Often, when we are “doing” or buying for everyone else but ourselves, we can become resentful or angry. This is a normal human response.

While I have zero medical training, I believe that if we don’t resolve or express anger and resentment in healthy ways, it can show up in our bodies – whether through ailments or through our energy. 

The best way to avoid anger and resentment is to diminish or prevent it from happening in the first place. 

Regularly practicing radical self-care will help you do that.

Self-care includes rewarding yourself with gifts and treats – especially when you have a lot going on!

So this holiday season, give yourself a gift that lights you up. 

Your “gift” to yourself could be carving out time to connect with old friends, visiting an art museum or going dancing. It might be making sure that if your partner doesn’t get you that special gift you want, you just buy it for yourself!  

I’d love to hear about the “what-lights-you-up” gift you give yourself this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!  


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Kathy McCabe
Life Coach