Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

I once had a job where I was getting paid the exact salary I had written down 6 months prior, when I had made a list of goals I was excited about.

It was a high number, but not an unreachable one. When I found my note 6 months later, I freaked out. What I had written down had come true! And I had reached this goal by working “part-time” – not adding hours.

 Also crazy: Two other items on my list became realities.

Did the “Law of Attraction” create my wishes? Yes and No.  

I do NOT believe that you can just think about what you want and the universe delivers. This is how some people describe the Law of Attraction.

BUT I do believe the “Law of Attraction” works WHEN you:

1. Are internally clear about who you TRULY are;
2. Have taken time to identify goals that EXCITE you; and 
3. Are crystal clear and SPECIFIC about those goals.

Exactly how did the Law of Attraction work in my situation? I’m not sure.

I’m super practical and I’m skeptical about many things.

In my situation, I followed the steps. Then I let it go. But I didn’t just sit on the couch either. 

In my experience, your desires are much harder to create if there is an energy of fear, scarcity, grasping, – or just “thinking” you deserve something. 

The MOST important step – getting internally clear about who you TRULY are – comes from an inner place where you are peaceful and grounded, and in touch with yourself and what makes you happy. 

I have seen magical opportunities appear that help my clients when they get clear about who they are, and when they are excited and specific about their goals.   

Getting internally aligned is what Martha Beck calls your “core of peace.” It is accessed through activities like meditation or journaling.

When you are internally aligned, magic happens. Synchronicities occur. People and things are attracted to you. 

I would love to hear what “magic lists” you are creating!!


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