Do You Have An Attitude of Gratitude?

Do you ever stop and notice when to feel grateful for things we often take for granted?

Hearing about my San Francisco friends wearing masks when they go outside because of hazardous air makes me realize how lucky we are to breathe clean air.

When we take a few minutes to recognize the often-overlooked things we take for granted, like clean air or clean water, we can shift our thinking to see even more things to be grateful for.

When we have an attitude of gratitude, we feel better.

And, when we have an attitude of gratitude, our worries diminish.

We can’t be worried and grateful at the same time.

Our gratitude becomes contagious to ourselves and to others.

I’d love to hear about the small things you are grateful for! Post a comment below.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Kathy McCabe
Life Coach

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