Do it anyway

“Bloom where you are planted,” is the sign I saw in a rural part of MI as I walking while I was waiting for my kid’s hockey game to start.

We so often think:

“I’ll do this when,” “I can’t do this because, ” or I’ll be happy when…”

But external conditions always change, are imperfect or are out of our control.

I laughed as I saw this sign as my original plan was to work out at the hotel gym and relax during the downtime of the hockey tournament.

But there was no downtime–and that’s why I was walking in unknown areas so that I could at least get some exercise–instead of sitting in a car all day.

We can make the best of a situation and still work towards our goals–like one of my small daily goals—is to exercise every day–no matter what.

This small daily goal also supports a bigger goal–to live as long as I can in a healthy and happy way.

Even if conditions aren’t perfect, we can make the best of a situation while we take small action towards those goals.

And, we can strive to improve ourselves while we also appreciate what we currently have.

Michelle, is there anything can you do today to make the best of a situation you want to change and also take a small step towards that goal?

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