Did You Take The 5 Day Challenge?

By now, I hope some of you have tried doing some daily journaling by using my “Create A Great Day Tool.” This tool serves as a “prompt” to help you get your thoughts on paper.

As I have seen over and over with myself and clients, journaling a little bit every day helps you understand what runs through your brain.

And remember: What runs through your brain, RUNS your life. 😀

You also should have received Ten Tips For More Real Joy Now as featured in The Mother List. I’d love to hear which tips have helped you the most!!

Finally, THANKS to all who have participated in the 5-Day Challenge!!! 

hope you all tried taking out the words “should” and “can’t” from your vocabulary.  

I know that I practiced better language…. OWNING what I wanted to do or not do, and what I wanted to think or not think about. I’d LOVE to hear how it went for YOU!

As some of you told me, you felt more EMPOWERED in your daily choices!! 

 🎶 YEAH!!  🎶

When we take RESPONSIBILITY for our language

We then take RESPONSIBILITY for our choices

When we take responsibility for our choices, we then take RESPONSIBILITY for our peace, happiness & JOY!

Our JOY is too IMPORTANT to give to someone else – and it DOES NOT depend on someone else!

Lastly, I highly encourage you to sign up HERE for a FREE Mini Coaching Session with me to help you learn a tool to increase your Joy NOW. I am only doing a few a week, and I would LOVE to support you! As different clients have said, coaching with me has:

  • “greatly improved my career and personal relationships”
  •  helped me “live more fully”
  •  helped me “live more joyfully in all areas of my life”

Check out more reviews HERE.

In case you missed any of the tools I mention above, I’ve linked to them below!

To A JOY-FILLED and Happy 4th of July! 🎆🎆🎆

Kathy McCabe
Life Coach

P.S.— I AM OFFERING TWO SUMMER COURSES on ‘FINDING REAL JOY.’ My in-person group starts Tuesday 7/17 (at noon) and meets for 5 weeks. Click HERE if you are interested. If you can’t make Tuesdays, I’m offering the same group course on Real Joy ONLINE on Fridays starting 7/20. Click HERE for more information.

P.S.S.— FOR LOCAL FRIENDS…I am offering a fun interactive workshop on Wednesday, July 11, at Neshama Yoga at 7 pm. Email me if you are interested!

Create A Great Day Tool

10 Tips For Real Joy Now

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