Boost Your Energy!

I recently finished my free and fun “7-Day Challenge To Create, Not Complain” on Facebook, where I offered daily challenges and video tips on how to change our complaints into definable actions.  

Many of you told me that you didn’t realize how much complaining drained your energy. 

Yes, when something unpleasant happens, there is often a need to vent. 

However, when we stay stuck mentally obsessing or retelling our complaints to others, it sucks the vitality we could otherwise channel into creative projects. And often, others do not want to be around someone who always complains, as it can drain their energy as well.  

Even if you didn’t participate in the challenge, I invite you to see how many times you complain in one day, and to notice how you feel when you do it. 

Just noticing how often we complain can be a very powerful way to jump start our energy.

Here is to Not Whining! 

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