Being uncomfortable…to find more joy

Have you ever really wanted to do somethingā€¦but then didn’t do it because no one was free to join, or there was some other obstacle?

I have!

This week, I really wanted to go see the Indigo Girls play at a concert hall nearby. First, I couldn’t find a friend free to join me, despite lots of asking.

Then, I couldn’t find tickets to this sold-out concert, despite hours of searching.

No tickets and no friends available šŸ˜Š

But I couldn’t ignore this desire to at least try to see one of my favorite bands!

So, I decided to go by myself to the concert venue and to try to get a ticket.

BINGO! I snagged a ticket in a great seat.

And, I went to a concert aloneā€¦for the first time!

Here I am at the theater—and it was SO much fun!

I’m practical and analytical—but I believe the universe supports us when we take action.

I love community, connection, and doing fun things with friends and family. My perceived obstacles–no tickets and no friends to join me—did not stop me from doing something I knew I would love.

Is there something you would LOVE to do but you are saying “But I can’t becauseā€¦”

Sometimes our excuses are very real—but often our excuses are just that: excuses.

When we stop ourselves because of fear, judgment from others, being uncomfortable, needless worry, or some other limiting belief, we also stop ourselves from experiencing joy.

They say that everything we want is just outside of our comfort zone.

Going to a concert alone– without a ticket– was outside of my comfort zoneā€¦.but I am SO glad I did it!

Take the time to look what you think may be stopping you from doing more of what you love.

Are there real obstacles or are you hesitating because. you might be uncomfortable?

Here’s to finding–and DOING–more of what we loveā€¦no matter what!

Have a great holiday weekend!

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