Are You Growing or Dying?

Thank you so much to the 17 wonderful women who attended the retreat!! And to all of you who wonderfully supported me in creating this day!

It was a magical and powerful day.

As different participants have said, the retreat was:

• “powerful,”
• “inspiring!
• and left her “excited to tackle my goals.”

The best feedback I got was…”I was very skeptical..but I drank the kool-aid..and motivated to achieve my goals“.

You are either in this world “growing” or “dying,” as William S. Burroughs has said.

These women are GROWING!!

I continue to grow as a coach…I am always taking more classes, participating in coaching groups and learning more tools. For many years, I was on the “dying” and “stuck” path…but not anymore. I continually use the tools I teach on myself.

The more I use the tools I teach, the happier and more peaceful I am…NO MATTER WHAT LIFE BRINGS!.

And some of my Wildly Improbably Goals are coming true…(that’s another post!)

I love growing and it’s my plan to never stop.

A “growth” mindset can be as simple as changing a thought or changing a habit.

What thought or habit might you change to put you on the growing path in an area of your life that you may feel stuck?

Start small…it is SOO worth it!!!