Are You Future Focused

My client, “Jill,” was elevated to a management position with significant responsibilities and new people reporting to her. Her company had just completed a massive reorganization. 

One of her employees, “Joe,” was unhappy about his new role and he complained about it everytime he saw Jill.  

Jill was frustrated because Joe’s whining was detracting from Jill’s new role and future work for the company. Their meetings would drag on. Little was accomplished as Joe wanted to focus on the past.

Jill created the intention, “I am calm and future-focused.” What that meant for Jill was that when she met with Joe, if he was not focused on future tasks, she planned to reschedule the meeting.

Jill practiced this intention and wrote it several times before every meeting with Joe.

Even better, Jill used this intention in other parts of her life, such as her overall health and wellness.

Jill is now focused on what her “future self” needs each day. 

What does your “future self” need from you today?

I’d love to hear!


Kathy McCabe
Life Coach