An inspiring saying that made her beat the odds…

At 64 years old, Diana Nyad was the first athlete to successfully swim 110 miles for 52 hours from Cuba to Florida. 

Without stopping, she swam in shark-infested waters, amid lethal, biting jellyfish and extreme ocean currents.  

She had failed four previous times in her attempt, including when she was 29 years old.   

What helped her achieve this outstanding feat?  

She repeated this mantra to herself:

“Find a way.”   

For example, when she had to stop one attempt because too many jellyfish were biting her face and affecting her breathing, she wore a special face mask for protection. 

And while she had a big dream to accomplish this feat, she kept her focus on small goals.  

As she swam, she rarely thought more than 90 minutes ahead. At times, she broke her goals into 5 minutes, or even 5 strokes, at a time. 

She reported that she was a better athlete at age 64 than she had been in her 20s because she learned to manage her mind, which “is far more powerful than the body.”   

With any dream, the first step is to really manage your mind–on a daily basis.  

So, what is your dream? 

Do you have a mantra to help you achieve it?
Are you breaking your dream down into manageable steps?   
I’d love to hear!  

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