A Tool to Help Hear YOU

Rumi said, “Silence gives answers.”

I would add, silence gives you YOUR answers!

It took me years to learn “how” to get quiet so that I could hear myself. I was constantly seeking validation and the opinions of others about my life, and never my own. 😟

Thanks to Julia Cameron, and to many other great teachers, workshops, and coaching I have done, I finally learned what a gift it was to myself to create a daily practice of getting quiet each day.  I learned to journal. It is a time creator and provides a real reflection to see what is running in your mind.

This practice has been life-changing for me as it has helped me with so many things including leaving my ‘identity’ as a lawyer and become a life coach. 

To help others with getting “quiet,” I designed a “Create a Great Day,” Journaling Tool.  This tool is a framework to help you get quiet every day. To look at your thoughts, and intentionally decide what you want to keep, as well as what you want to create for the day.  It is a powerful practice. Of course, meditation is awesome, but often difficult at first as it was for me. 

Remember, what runs through our brains, runs our lives.

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Try it for at least 14 days. If this tool doesn’t work for you, modify it so it does. I have had clients take notes on their thoughts on their phones. Do what works for YOU! 😃

When you are able to hear your true self, you will be on a path of real joy for your life.