A quick way to lessen conflict and be a better advocate?

What is the quickest way to lessen conflict and be a better advocate?

Practice loving kindness in the moment.

When I started implementing this practice in high-conflict situations as a lawyer, I became more calm and effective.

For me, practicing loving kindness in the moment is about wishing the other person peace, calm and happiness — while also focusing on the issue, negotiation or problem that needs to be solved.

When we don’t make the other person “the problem,” we find resolutions quicker.

There are all sorts of loving-kindness meditations that support this practice. Some of my favorites are from Jack Kornfield or Tara Brach.

However, one of the easiest ways to do this is to send good wishes to the other person, like: “May you be happy, may you be well, and may you be free from suffering.”

Not only will this positive approach improve the way you handle a situation, but it has been proven to benefit your own health.

If you have a hard time wishing the other person kind thoughts (and we all do at times🤣)….start by wishing kind thoughts to a favorite pet or animal.

Then, use those same feelings you generated to your pet towards the other person.

It’s magical! Have an awesome weekend.

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