2 questions to live a bold life

Have you ever stopped doing something because you were worried about what others were going to think?

I have—so many times!

I remember so clearly wanting to be a coach–more than 20 years ago–but I would immediately dismiss the idea because I was worried about what other lawyers would think of me.

Thankfully, my approval seeking behavior no longer plagues me.

Getting coached really helped me see how often I stopped myself just because I wanted others to like me.

I played small and didn’t take risks.

The truth was I didn’t like and love myself enough to withstand others not liking me. 

I now see that there are always people who don’t like us–and it usually it is usually about them–and not about us.  And that’s ok.  

So ask yourself, “Am I stopping myself from anything I really want because of fear of another person’s opinion?”

If the answer is yes, then ask, “Will I be happy with this decision in 10, 20 or 30 years?”  

If the answer is no, then start doing something about it! 

We have only one precious life. 

None of us know the length of it.   

Stop waiting and start living and doing what you really, really want!

Have an awesome weekend! 


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