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Do you want better self-care, more energy, more time and more joy in all areas of your life?
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Juggling everything on your own can leave you feeling unfulfilled, time-crunched and stuck in “survival mode.” 

Or maybe you’ve forgotten what you truly love to do, what brings you joy. 

I promise you haven’t. It’s still there.  

I am Kathy McCabe. I spent 22 years working as a trial attorney and became an equity partner. Then I decided to bring my 30 years of studying personal development into executive coaching. Now I am a mindset, career and wellness expert.  

I can help you put yourself first and step into a career or life you want – in a really powerful way.  

I used to think: “I’ll be happy when … my kids do this, my clients do that, or when something happens.” Not anymore. Now, my joy comes first in my imperfect life.

You deserve the same. You don’t need to be “fixed.” Stop waiting for the next “when.” 

Start living a more joyful life now. Create more of what you REALLY want – and thrive in your work and life.

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Happy Clients

I work with professional women who want to:

  • Finally put themselves first to create an exciting future, even if they don’t think they have enough time or motivation, while boosting their energy and joy – right now.
  • Clarify what they really want, not what they “should” want, and then GET IT.  
  • Stop going through the motions and start living intentionally, so they can thrive at work and in life.

Say YES to you. Work with me!

One-on-One Coaching

Do you want to move up, or out, of your career? Do you crave more daily calm and JOY, while earning more money? Do you desire more confidence or greater clarity about a transition? Are you looking for a healthier work-life balance or improved self-care? I can help.

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Best Self NOW Mastermind

If you are ready to crush your personal and professional goals, join one of my powerful and fun mastermind groups – offered both online and in-person.

You will learn tools to reach your goals faster while being supported by smart women.


Join me and other fabulous women on a beautiful retreat.

Create your best life while transforming your mind, body and spirit in breathtaking natural settings combined with enrichment activities and delicious, healthy foods.

Leave with clarity, energy and excitement.

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Life “rules” to smash any goals

I’m not big on following rules 😊, but I love these 3 “rules” for accomplishing any goal.   ☑️ Take small daily action. ☑️ Remember it’s about progress, not perfection. ☑️ Always be kind to yourself—even when you fail–as we all do! In my recent “Letting Go Challenge,” I talked about these rules for the challenge–but actually, they are rules for life:  Check out this 58-second…

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What I did when they said I had cancer

What I did when they said I had cancer

When I was faced with a life-threatening diagnosis of cancer (I am fine now), I first went into victim mode.   I had thoughts like: “Why me?” “It’s not fair.” I saw very quickly how this line of thinking made my whole body tense and more stressed.  I couldn’t sleep, and I had zero patience with my kids.   But  then I shifted my mindset…

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Drop these words  in 2022

Drop these words  in 2022

I recently started playing paddle tennis and noticed that the most common word I heard from other women was “I’m sorry.” When I have played paddle tennis with guys, I have never heard them say “I’m sorry “ for any kind of shot they hit. 🤔🤔 I saw the same trend with women compared to men when I worked as a lawyer—we tended to apologize more…

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